e-Bulletin: Volunteer Activities (Last Forest Regeneration Prgm of Year), and Hikes

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e-Bulletin: Volunteer Activities (Last Forest Regeneration Prgm of Year), and Hikes

Forest Regeneration Corps,
SATURDAY, October 17th,
9:30 a.m.-noon, Ages 12+ Last Program of the Year.
In the spring and fall we plant native species, and we are always trying to remove invasive plants, and clear and line trails at the Forest and Wildflower Preserve. (Adult supervision required below age 15.)
For October, we are still attacking Japanese knotweed at the back of the Preserve and covering it with plastic to kill it. We have already put down 30,000 sq. feet of black plastic to smother the knotweed and will be finishing this effort in October. Location: The dog park off Crest Drive. (Input 10 Bear Lane, South Orange into smartphone, or search for Dog Park, South Mountain Reservation.)  Call Tricia Zimic for more information, (m) 973-650-6106
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Trail Work Crew, Sunday, November 1st,

9:00 a.m.-noon. Locust Grove Picnic Area. Ages 15+.
Help build new, or reroute or repair existing, hiking trails throughout the South Mountain Reservation following sustainable trail guidelines. Trail building is very satisfying, but can be hard work. We use hand tools such as picks and adzes to create and shape the trail tread. Wear shoes with solid soles and long pants…dress in layers.   In November, we are continuing the significant trail improvements around Locust Grove to reduce erosion on the Reservoir Trail.  Leaders: If there are questions, call John Verzani (973-223-3529), or Dennis Percher (973-868-6994).  Meet at: The Locust Grove Picnic Area, off Glen Ave., Millburn (opposite the intersection with Lackawana Place).  (To see a map of the location, go to http://www.somocon.org/about-the-reservation/maps-of-locations/)

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These hikes are sponsored by the South Mountain Conservancy and are free and open to all, including children 10 and older with their families.  Parents carrying young children can now go on special afternoon hikes each Wednesday.  Get to know your park better in the company of others who enjoy the outdoors.  You do not need to register.  Just be at the starting point about 10 minutes ahead of time so the hike can start promptly.  Times are our best estimates, but can vary depending on conditions, and the size and pace of a group.  If you have any questions, call the leader.  Steady rain cancels, but intermittent drizzle does not.  Bring water and wear good walking shoes.  For directions to starting locations, go to www.somocon.org/about-the-reservation.   Note: Dogs are not allowed.

Saturday, Oct. 17: 10-12:30:  Reservoir to Turtle Back Rock

We will hike about 4 miles, following the new trail around the reservoir and the Zoo Circular trail that is even newer, visiting the famous Turtle Back Rock and returning via the reservoir trail to the Oakdale parking lot. A mix of paved path, woods road and trail about 4 miles in length at a moderate pace.  Meet at: Oakdale/Paddle Boat parking lot on Cherry Lane about 0.3 miles south of the light on Northfield Ave. and 0.9 miles north of the light on S. Orange Ave.  Leader:  Bijoy Mechery 908-487-8482

Sun., Oct. 25: 10-12:00: GREENWOOD GARDENS

This is a rather short hike with a lovely mix of trails... some ups and downs, but nothing too serious. Hopefully there will be some nice leaf color as we hike along these trails. Moderate terrain with some climbs/ Moderate Pace for about 4 miles. Boots are always recommended + water. Meet at: Greenwood Gardens/Old Short Hills Park, 274 Old Short Hills Rd., Millburn.  The entrance is through a stone gateway 1.3 miles north of the RR bridge near the center of Millburn on the right hand side. (Please arrive 15 minutes prior to hike start, so we are able to leave on time!)    Leader:  Gail Waimon 973-467-4761.  Cell on day of hike only: 973-229-7414.

Sun., Nov. 1: 9:30-12:30: TULIP SPRINGS
From Tulip Springs, we will follow the Lenape over the bridge on Northfield Ave. to Mayapple Hill using a few blazed trails and return on the Oakdale trail.  This is not a difficult hike in terrain, but a long distance, over 6 miles.  Moderate - Easy Terrain / Moderate Pace. Bring a small snack. Boots are always recommended, water & snack.  (Please arrive 15 minutes prior to start, so we leave on time!)    Meet at: Tulip Springs Parking Lot. Leader:  Gail Waimon 973-467-4761.  Cell on day of hike only: 973-229-7414.

Sat., Nov. 7: 10-12:  Unusual Entrances to the Park (#4) – SINCLARI TERRACE
Continuing a series begun in the Spring of this year, we will enter the park from a residential street in Short Hills to hike about 3 miles on woods roads and the Elmdale Trail in the Short Hills section of the park.  Taken at an easy to moderate pace.  Leaving the center of Millburn on Old Short Hills Road, turn right onto Fairfield Dr. 2.7 miles north of the RR bridge.  In 0.4 miles turn right onto Sinclair Terr. and park on the right hand side after the woods begins in about a tenth of a mile.  Leader:  Dave Hogenauer 973-901-0824

Sun., Nov. 15:9:30-12: LOCUST GROVE
Meet at: Locust Grove. After a strong uphill start, we will be picking up & following the Lenape Trail for quite a ways, then hiking on some carriage roads  & un-blazed trails for a nice variety. Then back on the Lenape for a bit to the switchbacks for our return. Moderate Terrain/ Pace Moderate. Approximately 5 miles (please arrive 15 minutes prior to hike start, so we are able to leave on time!)  Leader:  Gail Waimon 973-467-4761.  Cell on day of hike only: 973-229-7414. Boots are always recommended + water.  

Sat., Nov. 21: 10-12:  Unusual Entrances to Park (#5) - OLD HOLLOW ROAD, MILLBURN
 We will enter the park from Old Hollow Rd. in Millburn, which the Olmsteds planned on being the main Millburn entry into the park in 1902.  This land is owned as undeveloped park land by the town of Millburn and there is no maintained trail.  So we will be walking through brush and tall grass some of the time.  Therefore long pants are a necessity.  We come out of the woods at Hawk Hill in the Reservation and pick up the Elmdale Trail.  After following it for a while we will circle around and return to our cars through Old Short Hills Park.  Meet at: Old Short Hills Park, 274 Old Short Hills Rd, Millburn.  The entrance to OSHP is on the right hand side of the road through a stone gateway 1.3 miles north of the RR bridge on Old Short Hills Rd. near the center of Millburn.  Leader:  Dave Hogenauer 973-901-0824.


Meet at: Dogwood Hill on Brookside Drive.  We will walk from Dogwood Hill along the Rahway River to Hemlock Falls and then circle around the falls and return.  About 4 miles at a moderate pace.  Dogwood Hill is 1.0 miles north of the light on Glen Ave. and Brookside Dr. in Millburn on the left side of the road or 0.6 miles south of the light at S. Orange Ave. on the right side of the road.  Leader:  Bijoy Mechery 908-487-8482.

Sun., Nov. 29 10:00 – 12:00: OAKDALE LOOP

 Walk off that extra slice of pie. This is a stroll of about 3 miles at a moderate pace with only one moderate uphill section.  Meet at: Oakdale Picnic Grove off Cherry Lane, about 0.3 miles south of the light on Northfield Ave., or one mile north of the light on South Orange Ave. (also known as the paddle boat parking area).  Leader: Lou Nocito 973-953-7099 (cell).

Sat., Dec. 5:  10-12:30:  MAYAPPLE HILL
We will hike about 4 miles on the new trails of Mayapple Hill at a moderate pace.  These include the extention of the Lenape Trail north of Mayapple Hill, the Lenape Bow and the Mayapple Circular. Meet at: Mayapple Hill parking area, reached via a road that goes right off of Northfield Ave. 0.1 miles west of the light on the corner of Northfield and Pleasant Valley Way.  Leader:  Bijoy Mechery: 908-487-8482.

Sat., Dec. 12:  10-3:30: BORDER PATROL

We will follow the border of S. Mt. Reservation as closely as trails and woods roads allow, circling around the entire reservation (except for Mayapple Hill).  In the process we will pass by Turtle Back Rock, the zoo and reservoir, Old Short Hills Park, and Locust Grove walking on paved paths, sidewalks, old woods roads, trails, and abandoned woods roads from the 1800s.  About 9-10 miles, taken mostly at a fast pace, except when hiking up steep hills (of which there will be only a few).  Bring LUNCH.  Meet at: Bramhall Terrace on Crest Drive, 0.3 miles in from South Orange Ave.  Bramhall Terr. Is the lookout over NYC and is a long, narrow parking area along Crest Drive.  If you follow signs for the Dog Park/ Wildflower-Forest Preserve, you will come to the meeting spot before you come to either of those destinations.   Leader:  Dave Hogenauer 973-901-0824.

Sun., Dec 20 (10:30 - 2:30), GREAT CIRCLE: 
A hike from Locust Grove along the Lenape Trail with a break at Hemlock Falls and return along the Rahway River. Bring a snack. 5-6 miles with some uphill sections. Meet at: Locust Grove, opposite the First Aid Station on Glen Ave. in Millburn. Leader: Lou Nocito: 973-953-7099 (cell). Please Note:  If there is SNOW on the ground, call the hike leader before going to the starting point.

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