Photos from yesterdays run. Well, not from the run...

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Photos from yesterdays run. Well, not from the run...

...because we of course didn't run an un-organized un-official run or anything. Some of the captions may be out of context but I figured I'd report in on the Colorado trailrunning group side so ya'll can learn not only how to run fast, but party as well..

"Did I win?"

"Hey have you seen the youtube video of the guy who gets hit by a car while wearing a Spiderman costume? Oh, shit, never mind...let's check the WS100 lottery instead"

Hummus deep thoughts.

Nick, if you had a facebook profile, you'd put this cleavage shot as your profile pic, wouldn't you...

"And then, and then....and then, get this...and then I THREW UP AGAIN!"

Someone but SlowAaron some matching socks.

JT SUCKS (says so even)

Insta-Joe "What instagram filter should I use for this photo of pumpkin pie?"

Joe, haven't you explained to Tony that when you "cheers", you're supposed to look each other in the eyes?


Nick, I'd disinfect your floor post-haste.