Highland Hashers AT Run - 7/03

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Highland Hashers AT Run - 7/03

The Highland Hashers are doing a run on the AT on Saturday.  This looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.  Below are the details from Gene's email.

"We just wanted to extend an invitation to you guys , to come join us for an Appalachian Trail run on Saturday July 3rd, at roughly 7AM, and afterwards we will enjoy a few beers and spark up a mini grill for some grub. We ran this last year, and we wanted to re-visit again, Its a pretty tough run that should take 4 Hours + , but the views along the trail are just awesome. We will be starting at Sunrise Mountain, and turning around at High Point, and if the tower at High Point is open we will be running to the top. It will be a "fat ass" run so bring plenty of fluids and snacks, there is  water about 11 miles into the run in case you need to re-fill. For a better look at the trail see the video we made last year:"

You can check out their website also. Highland Hashers

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