Frosty Fat Sass 5k, 3 hour, 6 hour at the South Mountain Reservation

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Frosty Fat Sass 5k, 3 hour, 6 hour at the South Mountain Reservation

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Join us on January 27th for the first Sassquad Trail Running event of 2018! The Frosty Fat Sass is a fat-ass event for runners who love the cold (or runners who hate the cold but need to sign-up for an event because they need the accountability to keep running through the winter) and are ready for a physical and mental challenge! Runners can sign-up for a 5k, 3 hours or 6 hours. The 5K loop starts and finishes at the Turtleback Rock Picnic Area off of Walker Road in West Orange, NJ at the South Mountain Reservation. In lieu of a registration fee, we will be collecting donations for the South Mountain Conservancy, an awesome local non-profit that preserves the South Mountain Reservation and provides great educational and recreational opportunities for the community. Please bring a cash or check donation (made out to "Sassquad Trail Running"). After the race, we will send a check to the South Mountain Conservancy for the total amount that was raised.

This is a runner, walker, hiker friendly event. All three events will start at 8:30AM on January 27, 2018. Check-in is from 7AM-8AM; all runners must be checked-in by 8AM.

For the 3 hour and 6 hour events, if the timer ends before the runner completes the loop, the loop does not count.

This is a self-supported fat-ass event! No finishers' swag, no aid stations and no whining (unless you don't see Sasquatch, then you can whine a little). We will provide water at the start/finish. BYO-fuel! Sharing is caring--don't be sassy with your stash--bring extra to share with the rest of the Sassquad.